History of New Oxford Studios

New Oxford Studios was born of the idea that there is too much waste in the world. Resources like timber, old iron and buildings should be recycled. I wanted to save and rehab a classic building into the ultimate studio space. I wanted a place that made me smile every time I saw it, walked through the door or looked out the window. It had to be large and airy with lots of light. A building that would easily lend itself to large equipment and ambitious projects.

After 25 years in my trade it was time to design and assemble the definitive woodworking studio. I started with an 1865 Greek revival styled brick church. Located one block off the circle in New Oxford, PA. It is within easy reach of the Washington metropolitan area for which I cater. The location is superb in as much as that there are over 300 antique dealers in town, and there are always shops to cruise for interesting ideas.

My daughter and I have been working for 5 year now fine tuning our new space. I believe we have achieved a very efficient, productive woodshop. We sought out good vintage equipment to fill in and upgrade our existing equipment. Saving high quality equipment from the scrap yard and restoring them to their full working potential, thus giving the studios it very diversified capacity for custom work.

We also run our own portable saw mill operation. Rescuing downed timber from construction sites, landfills, bad weather or people's front yards. Approximately 75% of the wood we use is from timber that was destined for the fireplace or the chipper. Doing our own cutting affords us the opportunity to quartersaw our lumber and keep it in flitches for future projects. Being able to make entire units out of one log, matching grain and color, while bringing the best out of the material is one of our biggest attributes.

We work in hardwoods, laminate, and veneers. Though we prefer to put clear finishes on our pieces, we will as needed do colored lacquer and stain work. Projects range from a line of museum furniture for a long term client, to artfully crafted kitchens, to occasional restaurants or law offices.

We bring architect's drawings, designer's sketches or clients ideas to life.

Ray Amos,proprietor of Nex Oxford Studios